Allied schools Is an independent Educational Network that provides high-quality education for learners from Grade RR to Grade 12. Our dedicated teachers and well-rounded approach prepare learners for the for the National  Examinations at the end of Grade 12. With small class sizes, dedicated teachers and an enhanced curriculum focusing on LEARNER DEVELOPMENT, we empower learners with specialized skills and knowledge to grow into high-performing, self-confident individuals, ready to become the leaders of the future.

TRADITIONAL & Virtual classrooms

With our progressive educational practices and holistic approach which focus on the student’s academic, mental health and social - emotional needs through a student-centered approach to teaching and learning. Both traditional and virtual platforms offer the highest quality and standards of mentoring and facilitating mediums. We believe in and strive for a, NO CHILD LEFT BEHEAD POLICY.

experienced teachers

Our teachers believe in the inherent capabilities and potential of our students and help them expand their literacy rate through interactive lessons and curriculum implementation strategies. As an ALLIED SCHOOL Teacher, we do not lecture. Rather, we act as a facilitator of learning – inspiring, guiding, mentoring and encouraging our students to strive for accomplished aspirations.


The educational cornerstone of our school’s curriculum strives to develop a culture of Personal and Academic growth by implementing skills development through guided learning. Our goal is to foster a love for learning which develops ideals of being a productive member in society, entrepreneurial skills, moral and values development, communication skills, leadership, time management and problem-solving skills. We aim to equipped student for a bigger and better future

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We are thrilled you are considering ALLIED SCHOOL as a choice of school for your child. Should you wish to enroll your
child at one of our campuses you would be required to follow our Admissions Process, please click the link APPLY
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Primary school experience.

Allied School is an independent, co-educational school network that caters for children from Grade 000 to Grade 7. We
facilitate the CAPS Curriculum using an enquiry-based Learning approach. The student’s role is emphasized in the
learning process, allowing interactive learning that encourages learners to self-evaluate and process information with
self-reflection. Students are taught the value of understanding information which reforms concepts of quick-thinking,
looking at questions from all angels, considering the opinions of others and building confidences in verbalizing your own

HIGH school experience

Classes at our High School are engaging, interactive and preplanned discourses to facilitate and mentor learners to
achieve academic excellence. Learners are invited into the learning process through conversations that facilitate
understanding, critical thinking, problem solving, self-evaluation and self-reflection. Our School aims to develop skills
that are essential for practical experiences in the world outside of their high school career. We would like to cultivate
the ideals of cultural inclusion through our exchange programs, where learners can interact with other students from
across the continent and around the world.


Our mission is to create an environment of curiosity and deep exploration where every child can be who they are meant to be and find their calling through the hero’s journey.

Located in, Robertsham delivers a 21st-century education in a self-directed environment where learners become independent, global citizens prepared for the real world.

Allied Castle Daycare and Pre School delivers experiential learning emphasizing teamwork, entrepreneurship, social-emotional awareness and a growth-mindset.

our staff

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